Wrong Track is always looking for filmmakers to produce music videos for our artists, including live action and animation, slide shows and lyric videos.

We want to help match recording artists with a variety of creative filmmakers, animators, video artists, and cinematographers, to collaborate on  music video experiences everyone can be proud of.
Wrong Track is looking for distribution partners. We want to get our artists' physical albums into physical stores across the U.S. and abroad. We are also considering every digital service to sell and stream music through Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, and anywhere else people are listening.

Wrong Track is building management, marketing and promotion partnerships to spread the word about our new artists and their music with everyone.
Wrong Track is searching for the best recording, mixing, and mastering engineers to partner with in cities across the U.S.

Wrong Track is also interested in expanding replication services. We are looking for partners who can provide large and small runs of our artists' albums on CD and vinyl. We are looking for a variety of products at the best prices so that more of the money from every sale goes to the artist.
Wrong Track is working to get our artists booked in large and small venues. We want our musicians opening for big name bands, headlining for smaller bands, and playing a wide variety of festivals. 

Musicians should be playing locally, regionally, and globally, without ever having to buy or sell their own tickets. Wrong Track wants our musicians to be able to focus on their music, and let promoters focus on the promotion. We are shopping for booking agents, concert promoters, and tour managers who can make that life accessible for our artists. 
artist support
Wrong Track Records is based in Central Texas.

We are currently working with engineers at various studios, and always searching for more engineers across the country for recording, mixing, and mastering, so that we can better serve musicians. We are committed to finding the highest quality and reasonable daily or hourly rates for prospective Wrong Track artists at various locations around the country. Recording costs for any artist will be paid by that artist. Working around the artist's budget is crucial to this process, so preparing a plan for your recording will involve a lot of communication.

Wrong Track is building a network to connect bands that need to record their albums with engineers that need new artists to record. For bands that already have quality recordings, Wrong Track is accepting electronic submissions.
artist submissions
Wrong Track has been continuously shopping and comparing prices on clothing, stickers, and other merchandise from several printing companies. We will look for the best price based on the needs of the musicians in each specific band.
Wrong Track Records started out recording music in Eugene, Oregon. During that time, several bands came to the studio to record, and others were recorded live at their shows.

Many of the earliest recordings have been lost to changes in technology, moving several times, and losing contact with bands that have long since broken up. Other recordings remain unfinished.

Wrong Track's current efforts are focused on promoting bands on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Spotify and YouTube playlists are extensive and growing. We are in talks with several people who book and promote concerts and tours, as well as people who produce music videos.
artist roster
Wrong Track Records is building playlists in Spotify and YouTube. These playlists include entire discographies from bands and musicians who have submitted their work, either through email or social media polls and threads. 

If you would like to have your music added to these playlists, please contact us by email. Artists are encouraged to share the playlists as well. Sharing helps to increase the audience for all of the music, which builds the fan base for everyone involved.